Northern Colorado Hailstorms & Flooding

Situational Reporting (SitRep) for Greeley Hailstorm & Flooding Event

  • Residential Damages:
    • Destroyed: 1
    • Major Damage: 25 estimated at $1,244,357 
    • Minor Damage: 168 estimated at $1,598,265 
    • Affected: 111 estimated at $353,843
  • 310 Residential Properties and 85 Businesses reported damage during the Greeley Flooding Event. 
  • Public Assistance Info:
    • Threshold: 0
    • Current Damages: $951,157
  • 66 Roads, Utilities, Parks, and Public Buildings reported damage.

Situational Reporting (SitRep) for COVOAD Member Response Efforts

  • American Red Cross (ARC), Greeley Response:
    • Opened 22 cases, serving 43 clients total.
      • During intake ARC provided 15 care items such as comfort kits, clean up kits, and blankets + 12 snacks and water bottles
      • ARC also provided several cases of water to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team (SBDR) to support volunteer response effort needs.
  • Food Bank of the Rockies offered supplemental support to Weld County Food Bank as needed.
  • Crisis Clean-up Hotline was open from 5/29 – 6/21 and reported 10 cases created total.
  • 211 Colorado Help Line Data Reporting, 5/27 – 6/27:
    • 577 Met Needs Reported:
      1. Housing
      2. Utility Payment Assistance
      3. Food/Meals
      4. Rent Payment Assistance
      5. Household Items or Clothing
    • 57 Unmet Needs Reported:
      1. Housing
      2. Transportation
      3. Healthcare
      4. Individual, Family, and Community Support
      5. Household Items or Clothing
  • Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief (CBDR) Greeley, Yuma, and Wray Response:
    • Volunteer Hours: 765             
    • Volunteer Days: 169

Summary of response efforts submitted by Dennis Belz, CBDR State Director: From June 3 through July 1st CBDR served in Greeley, Yuma and Wray doing clean-up and mud-out of homes after the rain and massive hailstorms that went through these three areas. When we arrived, it looked like a tornado had gone through as the leaves were stripped off many of the trees, windows, gutters and siding destroyed. Several of the homeowners that had flood water in their basements and into their homes had tried to take care of things on their own, but found it was very difficult to do. When CBDR was asked to assist and we arrived, the mold had already begun to grow on the walls and other areas of the homes. Even some homes had black mold in the insulation of their ceilings. This was a concern that we had that people would not realize that the mold had already begun to grow and may have just covered over the areas. To help the communities we shared with community leaders about the possible health conditions due to the massive mold. We were able to set up at the Fairgrounds in Wray to give pre-mixed SHOCK WAVE to homeowners with directions on how to properly use it. We had a great turn out and some of the people asked us if we would come to their homes to assess the mold situation. Even after several weeks after the storms there was still moisture in the walls and flooring and that mold continued to grow.

We worked in several homes in Greeley that were over 100 years old and had lots of damage from the floodwaters and mold. The basements are more like crawl spaces and very wet mud that had to be brought up in buckets with a bucket brigade. We assessed damage at a couple of churches that had damage that was beyond our scope of work.

We were asked by the Emergency Manager in Yuma and Wray if we could help the Hillcrest Care Center that had lots of window damage from the large hail that hit in the area. On arrival we found that over 20 large windows had been broken and were covered by sheets of plywood. So, for 3 weeks these patients had no windows to look out of and sat in their rooms with just a light. Can you imagine what that would be like?  I wish you could have seen their faces when they saw our team come into their center to start working on removing the plywood to cut out areas to place plexiglass for them to be able to see outdoors again! The sweet smiles and words of thanks were precious!  From Darkness to Light and they are now enjoying being able to see the sunlight. It would have been another 8 weeks before a window company would be able to come to replace the windows. Bringing: Help, Hope and Healing is what was accomplished on all the jobs that were done. We were able to assist owners on 48 properties during this time.

(Photo above of the SBDR Team hard at work serving the communities of Greeley, Yuma, and Wray, Colorado.)

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For Colorado VOAD members that have deployed to provide response services, please continue to utilize the Situational Reporting  (SitRep) Form to provide the Colorado VOAD with an impact report of your response efforts and any needs you are experiencing in the field as response efforts continue.

COVOAD Members Actively Responding to Incident

For Colorado VOAD member’s that have deployed to provide response services, please utilize the Situational Reporting  (SitRep) Form to provide the Colorado VOAD with an impact report of your response efforts and any needs you are experiencing in the field as response efforts continue.