COVOAD Meetings

Please see announcements for upcoming COVOAD meetings.

Full Membership Meetings
December – TBD

Monthly COVOAD Membership Call
Second Monday of every month
For the months that we do not have our Full Membership Meetings, we conduct a brief update call for organizations to report out activities and needs.

2:00PM – Introductions & COVOAD Executive Committee Updates
2:15PM – Member/Agency Updates/Needs/Concerns
3:00PM – Adjourn

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COVOAD Disaster Spiritual Care Committee Meeting
Wednesday, Feb 10th – 10:00am to 12:00pm

ZOOM Meeting Conferencing Link
Dial-In Line – (646)876-9923 / Meeting ID: 836 596 5552

Introductions & COVOAD Executive Committee Updates
COVOAD DSCC Training Update
COVOAD DSCC Provider Discussion
Spring Wildfire Recovery DSCC Support